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Now will someone who knows these things please clarify them?

1. How tall is Mewtwo really? I've seen places say 6 feet approx. and some say 6 ft. 7 in.
2. What is that hose going from the back of Mewtwo's head to his back? I heard it was how he draws his psychic power.
3. Which voice actor for Mewtwo is your favorite? Takimoto Fujiko who was Mewtwo as a child? Ichimura Masachika who does all his adult Japanese voices and in both Japanese and English versions of Super Smash Brothers Melee? Phillip Bartlett who was the english Mewtwo in "Mewtwo Strikes Back"? Or Marc Diraison who was the english Mewtwo in "Mewtwo Returns"?

I'll answer the 3rd one. I fell in love with Phillip Bartlett's Mewtwo voice because it suits him best and they should have used him for the english "Mewtwo Returns" and "Super Smash Brothers Melee", but they didn't, which is highly disspointing to me. Marc Diraison didn't do too bad. He sounds similar to Phillip Bartlett, but I notice a difference. I guess we should at least be greatful that the Japanese voice actor Ichimura Masachika did Mewtwo's voice rather than some other person. At least he is the origional voice actor for Mewtwo.
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