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If You Were in Charge...

If you were in charge of the next Pokemon movie and the producers said they wanted Mewtwo in it, what would the movie be about? (Besides Mewtwo! XP) What would be the plot, the cool Mewtwoness of it, etc?

I, personally, think I'd have to ask permission to make a million movies. But here's one idea: Ash and company (May and Max! No Misty!) get into their usual trouble/save the world type thing. A powerful new Pokemon has started to unintentionally reek (reak? reap? O.o) havoc on....Pallet. I want more psychadelic stuff like Pokemon 3. That was great ^.^ Anywyas, the gang gets separated and Max (the small cute kid in Advanced Generation) gets lost, upset, and slips off an edge. But then--a familiar paw reaches out and grabs him! It's Mewtwo! Cue us cheering wildly!

Yes, rather corny. But hey, it's Mewtwo.

So our dear Pokemon has been tracking down the source of these mysterious havoc-type things. He teams up with the twerps, who have realized that they don't quite have the manpower (Pokepower?) to beat Powerful New Pokemon. Then Mewtwo and PNP have an awesome battle yay!! And maybe there should be some scenes of Mewtwo...being sort of normal. Like, sitting around and making plans or something. But there must be at least three places where he smiles and three where he laughs! XD
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