Riven, Supreme Galactic Overlord (riven_008) wrote in mewtwo_heaven,
Riven, Supreme Galactic Overlord

Mewtwo and the twerps?

Yes, I just made two entries in a short amount of time. Should I have condensed them into one instead? It's just that they're two different subjects...

Anyways, most and/or all of us here love Mewtwo, but is there anyone who also likes the twerps (being Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, May, and Max)? I do, particularly the Hoenn group. I had two ideas for fanstory-type things, one which is very odd and sort of AU which I will probably not post, and one which would be more realistic/canon...like maybe as a third Mewtwo movie (which seriously needs to be made). If I put them up, would everyone look at me oddly?
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